2020 Vision - Prophetic Word

"Walking In The Supernatural" by Bishop Santos Navarrete

I hear the Lord say, Redeemer prepare yourselves for I am moving, I am shifting, I am shifting the supernatural. I am going to teach you how to walk in a different dimension where your level of sensitivity to my voice, you will be so in tune with my thoughts my Word for the Lord say, you will learn how to savor my word and taste and see that I am good and my Word is right and they fit.
For the Lord say do not think of your past as a label do not say to yourself 'I was this or that' but your yesterday is your testimony, your yesterday is your book, your yesterday is your sermon, God says prophecy to your future and speak to those things that are dead and say, 'LIVE'.

Learn of Me, Learn of Me I am the Logos the written Word I am the Rhema for the Lord says obey the word of the Prophet and you shall prosper. For the Lord is telling me to tell you that I want to bring you to a greater level of Glory to own property 'Redeemer' for I have set it in the heart of my servant to believe me for a greater Glory, a larger building. I have placed it in his heart and the leaders to say, 'Your standing in a small place' because dimensionally the Lord say, 'I have enlarged his feet his territory I have enlarged his dream that it is the desire that I have placed in his heart.

The Lord say, I will fund it I will draw men and women for they are like the ravens, the Lord say, 'ravens are scavengers they don't feed. But I will send the ravens, I will send ungodly people to feed my prophet for the Lord says do not excuse yourselves and say 'well its coming another way' The Lord say, I want to do it through you as well, do not minimize your effort do not minimize your gift for it is my desire to place it within your desire to do my will.

God say, get ready enlarge your territory the Lord is saying Redeemer Apostolic Church has been planted by Me, it has My signature for many shall come from the East and the West the North and the South they shall come here physically and many shall come via Social Media they shall come from different parts of the World, I will enlarge your capacity. Do not be weary in well doing do not be tired I am your God and when you are praying you are 'Roaring' when you sing and shout you are 'Roaring' never be silent in My presence for I respond only to the Power of My Spoken Word… amen worship the Lord for this prophetic Word.


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