Sermon Outlines

Divine Encounters - The Zoe Life of God


The Zoe Life of God

  1. Why Did Jesus Come? (John 10:10).

The Greek word translated "life" in this verse is Zoe, which means, 'The Abundant Life' or 'The God Quality of Life' it is the word used to describe the kind of life that Jesus said He had come to provide.

(Rom. 6:23). This everlasting, eternal life Jesus came to give us is the nature of God. (John 5:26) (John 1:4) (II COR. 5:17)

  1. Receiving eternal life is the most miraculous gift in life.

  1. One of the greatest needs of church members is to have renewed minds. (Rom. 12:2) (Psalm 130:119) (Isaiah 60:1)

  1. The implication of being a partaker of God's divine nature - Paul was saying that there is a mystery that God can tabernacle with men.

  1. Spiritual Toolbox: He gave us His presence.

  1. Accessing the Power of God: (Psalm 11:9)

  1. Keys to Command Power: (Ps.18:1-6, vs.14-17, 40-50)
  • Encounters through the result of prayer – Acts 16:25-26) (Acts 16: 28-30)
  • EVERY INTERVENTION LED PEOPLE TO BE SAVED: (Acts 16:32-35) (James 5:13)
  1. God Gave us Prayer Language: (I COR. 13:1) (Rom. 8:26)

  1. Word Based Prophetic Declarations: (Isa. 43:26) (Psalm 23:4)

  1. The Way to Victory: (Psalms 107:1-2) 

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