Sermon Outlines

The Mystery To Favor And Success


The quality of your spiritual life should be your priority in life. It should be a driving force in obtaining favor and the ability to sustain that walk with God.  - Esther 2:17

1. Your Mental Transformation (enlightened).

Encounter – He reveals His Divine Godly principles and transforms them into real life experiences.

2. Spiritual Wisdom Leads to Favor - Proverbs 14:35

3. The Leading of the Holy Spirit – Romans 12:1-2

4. Your next assignment is to discover your 'Purpose in Life'. Keep in mind like Esther, you need to come to a place in life where you mature to meet the standard for grace/favor to operate in your life.

5. You Learn to Sit in His Presence Before You Rise in Favor

6. Favor Breaks the Power of Shame and Disgrace-Luke 1:28-30,

Luke 1:24-25

7. Spiritual Wisdom Leads to Favor - Proverbs 14:35

8.    Dreams and Visions – are strategies to give you a perspective to what you are supposed to work towards.

9. You Must Exceed in the Areas of Finances. - It takes resources to walk in favor (Favor brings prominence and preferential treatment). Esther 2:17, 3 John 1:2, John 14:27

10.   Relationships – Everything that is multiplied in your life is due to relationships.

11.  Redeeming the Time: Favor brings supernatural increase and         promotion. Genesis 39:21, Isaiah 33:6


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