Sermon Outlines

You've Got to Believe!

You've Got to Believe

Matthew 14:23-32

Grace & Courage in the Storm

  1. Standing on the Promises of God - .Gen. 16:13 This is a strange place because at one point your carnal inclination says 'you going to die' and yet the spiritual man says 'God sees it all have courage'.

  1. His Holiness Is a 'Protector' Isa. 26:3-4

  1. It Took Courage for Peter to Step out of the Boat Heb. 11;1 It is God that commands us to have courage. For having courage means having faith and confidence in Him. Ps. 56:3-4

  1. GOD has Power not Just Provision - Ps.118:13-14 The peace of God - JEHOVAH-SHALOM - Jud. 6:24 "The Lord is peace' He perfects Himself in our weakness: 1 Cor.10:13

  1. Faith that Works - Heb. 11:6, Mark 10:27, Matt 19:26

  1. There is GOOD NEWS: Our God isn't going to abandon us!

  1. Desperate Faith: Mark 5:25, Lev.15:25, Mark 5:26

  1. Desperate Need Demanded Desperate Faith: Mark 5:28, Mark 5:34, Mark 7:25-30


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